Preventing and Fighting Blight

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Urban decay is the process whereby a previously functioning city, or sections of a city, falls into disrepair. Important contributing factors include deindustrialization, depopulation or changing population, economic restructuring, abandoned buildings, high local unemployment, fragmented families, political disenfranchisement, crime, and a desolate, inhospitable city landscape. Our economic climate as of lately has invariably fostered many of these conditions and put our cities at risk of blight now more than ever.

Blight is a characteristic of urban decay —the visual, psychological, and physical effects of living among empty lots, buildings and condemned houses. Such desolate properties are socially dangerous to the community because they attract criminals and street gangs, contributing to the volume of crime. Once this has happened, children can no longer feel safe or play outside.

Urban decay has no single cause; it results from combinations of inter-related socio-economic conditions—including the city’s urban planning decisions, the poverty of the local populace, the construction of freeway roads and rail road lines that bypass the area, depopulation by suburbanization of peripheral lands, real estate neighborhood redlining, and xenophobic immigration restrictions. Once this type of urban decay gains momentum -- it is very difficult to stop it. Blight prevention is of the utmost importance.

Palmieri Construction is a proud supporter of many blight prevention programs throughout Connecticut. Long ago the term "blight" was mostly associated with rundown inner city tenement houses and the peeling paint in those houses. Today, blight is more personal and widespread. Economic conditions have put our neighborhoods and the owners who live in them at risk of blight. More importantly, if a neighborhood is labeled "blighted" -- all people are affected and it can be subjected to the powers of eminent domain and commercial development. Nothing about blight is good. But fighting blight before it hits our neighborhoods is and should be a priority.

Long ago, people didn't give much thought to "blight". Palmieri Construction considers the word "blight" a great cause for concern. When we hear the word blight, we want to get involved and fight it. Blight puts all of our neighborhoods at risk, keeps our children from playing outside, makes people freezing cold (literally), breaks down family units, and disintegrates the morale of hard working Americans. It also creates housing shortages in an already marginalized housing market. Blight marginalizes people in a way that is unfair, unnecessary, and incomprehensible.

There are solutions. Our local, state, and federal governments have funds to fight and prevent blight and pre-blight conditions. The programs for these funds are called entitlement programs and often people who need them do not even know they exist. The programs are often not advertised and the funds are often limited. In addition to this another important challenge that exists for our entitlement programs is that many contractors don't like working in blight prevention programs -- the pay is too low (far below prevailing wage), crime in these areas can often be elevated creating a difficult work environment, the hours are too long, and the amount of flexibility and patience required of any contractor is endless. Blight prevention programs have extremely ambitious goals on very limited budgets. Palmieri Construction is proud to not just participate as a contractor in most of Connecticut's Blight Prevention/entitlement programs -- we are dedicated to it and we have made it our pledge to help homeowners who need help through these programs. We want kids to play on the streets in our cities, parents to feel proud about their homes without living in a state of constant disrepair because they can't afford to fix their homes, grandparents to be warm and comfortable, families to feel secure, and for our neighborhoods to come alive with pride, beauty, and a sense of proud ownership and existence all Americans deserve to enjoy.

But we don't just work to prevent blight --- Palmieri Construction proudly serves all entitlement programs in the State of Connecticut -- from building/renovating group homes for The Corporation For Independent Living to helping needy homeowners and senior citizens for Greater Dwight and Empower New Haven repair their homes so they are safe, comfortable, and happy places to live.

If you or someone you know or love is living in a state of blight or pre-blight conditions or conditions that prevent them from living in a safe and healthy environment because you or they can not afford necessary repairs -- please call us and we will be more than happy to spend time with you to direct you to your local entitlement program so that you or they can begin to make changes necessary for a happy, safe, and comfortable home.

Below are some projects from some of Connecticut's entitlement programs that we have proudly completed. Please look them over and if you have any questions about entitlement programs in the State of Connecticut please give us a call at (860) 349-7085 or email us at

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