Palmieri Construction: Connecticut's Top Roof Contractor for Flat, Rubber EPDM & All Types of Commercial Roof Repairs and Installations.

Flat and rubber EPDM roof systems are complex roof systems to repair and replace and should never be installed by novice or unqualified roof installers. The bottom line is this is a big capital investment, always. When considering replacing or repairing your flat or epdm roof or any type of commercial roof system -- this is the time to choose a flat or rubber epdm roofing contractor very carefully. Palmieri Construction contractors are professionally trained and certified to install virtually all types of commercial roofing systems available in the industry today. We offer services for building owners when faced with decisions regarding the selection of brand and type of product, as well as the method of attachment. Commercial and industrial flat and EPDM roofing systems are complex and only the most qualified and trained professionals should be carefully considered when determining repairs and/or replacement.

We thoroughly examine each roof area independently and assesses relevant factors such as type of decking, roof slope, foot traffic, wind and fire resistance, building codes, etc. to provide the best roofing solution to meet your needs. In addition to this our installers are constantly chasing down the latest and greatest new technology and products available in the commercial roofing industry. We are constantly training and certifying as an important part of the service we offer our clients and to ad to our expertise. If there are new and better ways for protecting your building such as the angle of a new type of nail or material --- our installers want to learn those techniques, products and we want to have the ability to offer them to you. Because of this, we work very closely with the top manufacturers such CertainTeed, Firestone, GAF and more - to keep on top of the technology and be in-the-know on what is the latest and greatest, and to remain one of the top 5 star commercial roofing contractors in the industry throughout Connecticut.

Our firm will work with owners, property managers, residents, and tenants for any type of property to determine and assess the following:

  • Removal and Replacement, as necessary (no, we won't replace if not necessary and we will make a recommendation that is very accurate)
  • Most optimal roofing system and the Installation process
  • If removal and replacement is not necessary, we discuss the repair process, alternatives, and maintenance objectives to optimize the life of your current roof system
  • Curb Installment
  • Our firm is on-call 24/7 for emergency roofing services regardless if you are an existing Palmieri Construction Customer or if you are new to our firm. Often, emergencies pave the way for us getting acquainted with new customers who value our services for the long term thereafter.
  • Our firm provides fast, friendly, and (in most cases) no cost estimation, evaluation, & inspection services
  • Owner/Property Manager Service Center: If you are an owner, property manager, or you serve on a busy association property management board --- Palmieri Construction can help with all your on-going and demanding property management needs. Often, we are praised by property managers and board members we work with in this capacity for the positive liaison support we provide with residents/tenants in any given community while those residents and tenants are dealing with the disruption that repairs often cause in their daily lives. The management of communication with many residents can be difficult at best for property managers and board members. Our goal is to always strive to assist in any way possible in this capacity and to listen to the concerns of the residents we serve. We don't want you to find yourself in the position of having angry and dissatisfied tenants and residents and we understand the importance of good communication and the need to listen to tenants, residents, board members, and property managers alike.