Warranty Information (may be updated from time to time:


DISCLOSURE for ALL CUSTOMERS OF PALMIERI CONSTRUCTION, LLC NOTICE / DISCLOSURE OF “NO GUARANTEE” “NO WARRANTY” FOR CUSTOMERS WITH THE FOLLOWING: I F YOUR CONTRACT DOES NOT SPECIFY A WARRANTY IN WRITING PLEASE BE ADVISED NO WARRANTY APPLIES TO YOUR ENTIRE SCOPE OF WORK FOR ONE OR MORE (BUT NOT LIMITED TO - AS THERE MAY BE A POTENTIAL PROBLEM YOUR PROPERTY POSSESSES WHICH IS NOT ON THIS LIST WHICH YOUR CONTRACTOR FELT WAS NOT WARRANTABLE) THE FOLLOWING POTENTIAL REASONS: IF YOUR CONTRACT’S SCOPE OF WORK CONTAINS ANY RE-ROOF (NEW LAYER(S) OVER AN OLD EXISTING ROOF), IF YOU ARE PLACING ANY NEW LAYERS OVER AN EXISTING LAYER OF ROOF AND ROOF COMPONENTS NOT INSTALLED BY PALMIERI CONSTRUCTION, ANY AND ALL PRE-EXISTING WATER LEAK REPAIRS, ROOF REPAIRS TO OLD ROOFS OF ANY KIND PLEASE BE ADVISED PALMIERI CONSTRUCTION, LLC DOES NOT GUARANTEE OR WARRANTY THIS WORK. ADDITIONALLY, “CUSTOMERS, PLEASE NOTE, FOR REPAIRS AND RE ROOFS (new layer over old roof): ….Please be advised Palmieri Construction, LLC does not warranty any repair of water leaks or re roofs (this is when /where homeowners are / is requesting additional layers of roof shingles over an already pre-existing roof system) and further discloses and advises our potential consumers BEFORE PROCEEDING WITH EXECUTION OF ANY OF OUR CONTRACTS and customers of Palmieri Construction, LLC to strongly consider the installation of an entire new roof system before proceeding with a roof repair only (re roof, etc.) for the best possible result. ALSO, PLEASE BE ADVISED THAT many manufacturers will not honor product warranties in such a situation of a re roof as well and all Palmieri Construction LLC customers should be aware of this and make independent inquiries to manufacturers unilaterally to check on the validity of warranties for products in re-roof contracts. We realize, however, some homeowners may want or only have immediate resources for a re-roof or additional shingle layers over existing roof systems and repairs and we will, at the customer’s request and subject to contractor approval and executed contract, perform re-roof repairs but customers must be advised, prior to starting work by this notice, that there are no warranties either expressed, implied, or written / promised for / on such repairs above and below noted from Palmieri Construction, LLC as we can not ascertain what is beneath an existing roof system nor can we install the proper flashing and other components necessary for a complete and thorough roof system to be effective with only a repair or re roof and this may put your property at risk of potential damage in the future resulting fro ice damming, leaky roofs, and further problems in future years. A RE-ROOF DOES NOT LAST and eventually your property will require a total new roof. Furthermore, Palmieri Construction LLC does not warranty any work for repairs made to pre existing roofing systems that were not installed by our company and especially in the situation of existing skylights, dryer vents, other vents, and / or other pre existing roof components / structures built into and a part of the old roof system and surrounded by the old and pre-existing roof system, components, windows, skylights, deferred maintenance, etc. FURTHMORE, Pre-existing skylights either on new or old roof systems either installed or not installed by Palmieri Construction, LLC are not recommended and void any and all warranties on any roof system. Skylights, either existing or new, are not recommended in any roof system and are detrimental to the integrity of a roof system’s ability to keep the water and elements out of the home, in our professional opinion. IN no instance will a roof system or repair or re-roof repair be guaranteed or warrantied with the existence of any either pre-existing or new skylight(s) as a policy of Palmieri Construction, LLC. If you have any questions regarding these disclosures please contact your contractor at info@PalmieriConstruction.com. THANK YOU FOR CHOOSING PALMIERI CONSTRUCTION, LLC.

Terms and Conditions of any and all Warranties through Palmieri Construction, LLC:
  • If applicable, Palmieri Construction, LLC reserves the right to cancel any enhanced warranties or any warranties if customer defaults on their contract with Palmieri
  • Qualifying contract(s) must be agreed upon and signed by both customer and contractor. Contract modifications must be signed for by contractor.
  • Customer must keep all contractual promises - without notice or demand - this is very important.  
  • If applicable, any and all warranties may be withdrawn without any obligation to customer should customer fail to keep contract agreement and/or fail to remit contract balance(s) owed as per contract to contractor over the duration of the contract and upon completion of any qualifying contract. Contractor has discretion to reinstate contract warranties as a courtesy in the event customer eventually pays past due balances but is not obligated whatsoever.
  • All warranty approvals are at discretion of contractor utilizing these basic guidelines
  • Contractor will notify customer upon “completion” of objectives of contract either via email, fax, via correspondence to customer's address of record or verbally.
  • In the event customer falls behind in progress payments (or any payments) mentioned in the customer's either verbal or written contract -- contractor at contractor's discretion reserves the right to follow procedures above and/or install free gutters after “all” balances due under this contract’s terms are paid to contractor’s satisfaction at his discretion.
  • These terms and conditions are superior to all other terms and conditions (e.g. SureStart, etc.). if customer fails to keep these terms and conditions all other warranties shall be void and invalid.
  • If you have any questions regarding warranties please email us at customerservice@PalmieriConstruction.com or call us at (860) 805-5165.
Thank you for choosing Palmieri Construction, LLC.